Saturday, January 2, 2010


[There] no one even also [in] this nature that happened incidentally, as decanted in Al-Qur`An "... Allah arrange business ( His creature)…." ( ar-Ra'd 2) In told other sentence "… and no a lef of leaf even also which [be] killed but He/She know [him/it] ( also)...." ( al-An'aam: 59) He/She [is] Allah creating and arranging all event, how them early and end. He/She also determining each;every the stars movement [in] great world, condition of each;every which [is] life under the sun, someone way of living, what will tell of, what will face of, as explained in Al-Qur`An
" Real, We create everything according to size measure." ( al-Qamar: 49
" No a[n disaster even also befalling under the sun and ( [do] not also) your x'self [by] xself but have been written in buku ( Lauh Mahfuzh) before Us create [him/it]. Real, like that (it) is so easy to Allah." ( al-Hadiid: 22
clan of Mukminin ought to realize glorious fact. As its consequence, have them ought to be no action [of] stupidity like people who refuse fact in life. By comprehending that that life only " following destiny", they will never be disappointed or have cold feet to anything. They become sure and calm such as those which examplize Prophet of Muhammad saw. which utter to its friend, " You don't have mourn, real [of] Allah along with us." ( at-Taubah: 40) when its friend feel to worry to be found [by] [all] devotee of fetish meaning to kill them when hiding in cave.


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