Saturday, January 2, 2010

Considering Allah in Each;Every Difficulty

Considering Allah in Each;Every Difficulty
Target of religious people life [is] to have religious service [to] to Allah. One of [the] way of have religious service [to] [is] to submit Allah teaching where even also and struggle to fight against dickens team. This struggle usually very heavy and ossify because each;every moment " dickens team" having better equipments.
Religious people [do] not affect by this matter because them realize the existence of causality [in] world. This Realita inform that victory [do] not relate to awful strength or plethora, but of Allah will;desire and comand. real correct Teaching Religion give its appreciation in the form of belief victory, " How many happened faction which a few/little can defeat faction which many with Allah permit. And Allah along with patient people who." ( al-Baqarah: 249) pure belief in God which show victory. Truth of queer, what [do] not comprehend [by] people denied, to be explained in sentence
" Hi religious people who, if you fight team ( enemy), hence have yours liver firmness [to] and mention ( Allah nama) as much as possible [so that/ to be] Iucky you." ( al-Anfaal: 45)


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