Saturday, January 2, 2010

Godfearing to Allah According to Readyness

Godfearing to Allah According to Readyness
Godfearing to Allah [is] early from anything. godfearing Thick progressively someone to Allah, its ability excelsior feel attendance of Allah. Al-Qur`An exemplify some our which can rasul compare with our x'self so that understand that we earn to improve godfearingly [of] us to Allah of swt..
Allah of Swt. wishing human being [so that/ to be] godfearing with really. Various means to show respect to Omnipoten can be [done/conducted], for example: walk [in] Allah road;street, [doing/conducting] deed of goodness, following given example [of]s [all] rasul, adhering and also pay attention Allah teachings, etcetera
" Hence is godfearing [of] you to Allah according to your readyness and hear and also meekly; and maintenace maintenace which good to your x'self. And looked after whomever of parsimony of x'self, hence them that's Iucky people who." ( at-Taghaabun: 16
" Hi religious people who, godfearing to Allah really godfearing to Him; and you do not ever die but in a state of believe in Islam." ( Ali Imran: 102)


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