Saturday, January 2, 2010

Help of Allah

Help of Allah
In society community which denied to Allah of swt., they develop;build the nature of them according to status or strength which they have. [So that/ to be] someone have to feel self confidence, he have to be famous or rich, or beautiful, looker. Become child from one who " [is] respected" also become important reason [so that/ to be] getting to feel self confidence [at] really society denied.
However, differing from one who believe. This because of religious people [of] berlomba-lomba [in order] not to get whose sympathy even also except Allah, [do] not affect by earthly criterions which holded by most society.
Allah always help religious people. He/She have never disappointed them in face of resistance of people who denied, " Allah have specified, ' I and sure rasul-rasul-Ku win...," ( al-Mujaadilah: 21) so that [all] courier and [all] follower they will get feather in one's cap with big support. Allah guarantee, " And if them mean will cheat you, hence in fact enough Allah ( becoming your protector). He/She who strengthen you with His help and with [all] mukmin." ( al-Anfaal: 62
Don'T forget that only Allahlah strengthening and improve;repairing religious people and also can make they is glorious. [Do] not only enough by convergent [at] strength of physical along with its influence. All that will not yield something except with berdo'a request to Him. bigger said Do'a [of] its benefit. As its reciprocation, Allah grant such desire. That is why why the faithful have to rely on help of Allah.


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