Saturday, January 2, 2010

Take a care

Take a care
Allah create this nature accompanied [by] His creation marking. However, one who disobey Him cannot comprehend the the fact because they [do] not have ability to " see" target of this creation. As contained in Al-Qur`An "... they have eye ( tetapi) [do] not utilize of to see ( marking power of Allah)...." ( al-A'raaf: 179) By kasat eye, they [do] not have understanding and wisdom to answer to this existing fact.
Religious people [do] not the including category " blind" this. They realize and accept fact that entire/all this nature [is] created [by] Allah of swt. with a purpose to and certain intention. This confidence [of] marupakan do step early from someone belief in God. Along with the increasing of wisdom and confidence, we will be able to recognize each;every Allah creation detail.
In Islam tradition, there [is] three step pemacu of belief in God: Ilmul-Yaqin ( getting information), Ainul-Yaqin ( see), and Haqqul-Yaqin ( natural / feeling).
Rain can be made [by] example [of] from third do step this. There [is] three step in knowing about to go down rain him
First phase ( Ilmul-Yaqin), when a siting within doors which [is] its window closed, later;then there [is] incoming from outside advise to [him] that rain fall and he/she trust [him/it].
Phase both ( Ainul-Yaqin) [is] witness phase. The people [go] to window, opening curtain, and see rain fall
Third phase ( Haqqul-Yaqin). He/She open door, house exit, and reside in " below/under" rainwater siraman.
Taking a care [is] action form of do'a to change over from level of Ilmul-Yaqin [go] to level of Ainul-Yaqin, even more.
Effort see marking existence of Allah and [do] not become " blindly" like one who denied, requiring high concentration. In Al-Qur`An, the faithful exclaimed to perceive and pay attention marking existence of Allah around them and this only could probably be [done/conducted] [by] if/when [done/conducted]


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