Saturday, January 2, 2010

IMED supports the credentialing of international physicians

IMED supports the credentialing of international physicians.
In the United States, ECFMG is responsible
for certifying the readiness of
internationally educated physicians
to enter U.S. programs of graduate
medical education and training. ECFMG
medical education credentials policy
requires that, to be eligible for ECFMG
Certification, the physician’s medical
school and graduation year be listed in
To be eligible for the Medical Council of
Canada (MCC) Evaluating Examination
and Qualifying Examination, the MCC
requires an applicant’s international
medical school to be listed in either
IMED or the World Directory of Medical
Schools, published by the World Health
Organization. The MCC Evaluating
Examination is a prerequisite for
international medical graduates to take
the MCC Qualifying Examination, which
must be passed for a physician to be
registered in the Canadian Medical
FAIMER is not an accrediting agency.
The medical schools listed in IMED
are recognized by the appropriate
government agencies in the countries
where the schools are located. For
a given country, the information
provided in IMED, including the list of
medical schools, is provided by these
agencies and the individual medical
schools. Listing of a medical school
in IMED does not denote recognition,
accreditation, or endorsement by


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