Friday, May 28, 2010

Abjection Shirt

Insistently penzaliman received insults and Muslims. Diganjalnya one of the most minimal aspirations, namely the education goals established learners become believers, fear, morality, intelligent and creative, as well as religious education teachers delivered the same religion, is one example. Harassment on the determination to eradicate pornography, is not appreciated until Al-Aqsa Mosque as a place of worship, and the rights of Muslims living and independent Palestine, Iraq and Chechnya, is another cantoh.

His saying,''They were overwhelmed with opprobrium in wherever they are, unless they adhere to the religion of God and the covenant with man.''(Surat Ali 'Imran: 112). This verse is quite clear that we are going to wear clothes like humiliation, so that any interest in the affairs of the people are always annoyed.

The people are no longer firmly held the religion of Allah as the only view of life, sources of law, and value in life. Desecrated Islam secularism, syncretism, materialism, and others. As a result, many are embarrassed and feel humiliated if asked to return to Islam because it has been considered the laws and values of Western civilization is superior.

How may people will be glorious when the mindset and attitude was always tagging along to the Western civilization is based on lust and temptation of the devil? How not to lose and continue to follow the insulted if people without reason and faith, but reason and faith is what distinguishes human beings with animals and demons?

Meanwhile, the system of government and government officials surrounding the life of the people too far away from Islam. Not even slightly against Islam. They stay away from people, even the suspect and menzaliminya. They also lost the love of his country, when it was dictated by Islam. Consequently, they did not hesitate to pawn the region, state enterprises, and the country's natural wealth, for personal interests. And increasingly terhinalah country, thus facing a small country like Singapore was no longer authoritative.

In economic systems, for example, we are obliged to follow all the instructions and away from all the Holy Prophet ban (Sura 59:7). That provided the formation of economic equality to the country's economy strong, independent, have the savings and large aggregate consumption, investment and production that does not require debt flowering.

So, when the rope of Allah (hablum minallah) and human cord (hablum minannas) is no longer adapted to the Islamic civilization, then definitely come opprobrium opprobrium for strikes.

Source: Republika Online


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