Friday, May 28, 2010

Come congregation

Messenger of Allah said,''It's not three people who resided in a city or a village that they were not enforced among the congregational prayers, but the devil had taken control of them. Therefore, you are obliged to congregation. Because, really it's just a wolf will eat the goat that alone.''(Reported by Abu Dawood, Nasai, Ahmad, and Hakim). Islam can not be separated from the context of congregational life. There are even laws that are directly related to the pilgrims, such as prayer, fasting Ramadan, Hajj, jihad fi sabilillah, and propaganda.

Islamic Law provides a very high appreciation to the implementation berjamaaah prayers five times, ie 25 or 27 times praying alone in his house. Isha prayers in congregation at the mosque were rewarded half the reward of the prayer of the night. Fajr prayers in congregation at mosques tahajud rewarded like the reward of the night.

Anyone who stepped foot into the mosque to pray in congregation, at each step is a sin has been abolished and an elevated rank (Reported by al-Khamsah from Abu Hurairah RA).

How lucky people disciplined in carrying out obligations prayers and how to lose those who neglect the prayer in congregation. Mosques and prayers five times a media and instruments that are vital to the unity of humankind, also realize the inner and outer brotherhood of Muslims around him.

Pilgrimage is an instrument to unite the Islamic world's Muslims. All of them have unity intentions, objectives, expectations, attitudes, and movements. That simply surrender and submission to God Rabbul Alamin. History records the caliph always meet each of the annual hajj pilgrimage to the trustees (governors) who came from various parts of the territory of the Islamic Caliphate.

Cohesiveness of the Islamic jihadist forces in the past very deterring infidel troops into the enemy. Once upon a time some lurking enemy intelligence Muslim forces on the riverbank.

Suddenly there was a shout of them,''My plate! My plate!''As well as his friends immediately jumped into the river looking for his brother's plate. Enemy intelligence said,''If on a plate missing comrade they really care, let alone against his friend's life?''

Compact stance and attitude in the unity of forces seeking martyrdom for the sake of the sentence of God that is embedded in every Muslim soldier who always wins that battle and became famous as an invincible army. That's all thanks to the congregational tradition that is the principal teachings of Islam. Come congregation. Come to victory!

Source: Republika Online


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