Friday, May 28, 2010

Amar Ma'Ruf Nahi Munkar

Prophet said, "Mean surely call you in kindness, meant also the you in preventing a munkar. If not, then God will give power to the poor people among you, and prayers of good people among you (but silent on kemunkaran) will not be granted by God, "(Imam Bazzar).

Above Hadith tells us will be the duty of every Muslim to always conduct missionary activity Islamiyah. We are commanded by the Prophet to always uphold the truth wherever we are, and in any position. A good judge, he would try to base their decisions on the principles of justice and truth.

There was no way he would make efforts for corruption law. He will be firm and honest, despite being handled cases involving the elite and leaders. An honest politician, he would tell the truth without having to perform essential public lies.

He will not have the courage to play with people's interests for the sake of satisfying their own desire. Likewise, the various other jobs, a Muslim must have a strong commitment to uphold the verdicts, kindness and munkar nahi. He must not remain silent when seeing the various forms of tyranny and kemunkaran.

If Muslims do not perform activities munkar amar nahi kindness, Allah will put the two result. First, God will give power to the poor people among the components of a society and nation. All aspects of life will be controlled and directed by people who are not moral, aspects of both political, economic, legal, social, cultural, defense and security, as well as other aspects of life. What will happen is that a variety of destruction and damage. Punishment will come down one after another.

Second, God will not grant the prayers of good people among them, but good people are silent and does nothing to prevent disobedience. That is why Muslims must always conduct the process of correction and introspection continuously. Not impossible, deterioration caused by the negligence of this nation for Muslims in beramar kindness and munkar nahi.

Source: Republika Online


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