Friday, May 28, 2010

Pornography Threat

Pornography can be identified as a social disease that is very dangerous. In the language of religion, pornography may be cited as the source of evil (umm al-khaba'its). It says so, because pornography can lead to other evils in society. Pornography can weaken the bonds of morality, as well as encourage the emergence of new life patterns that tend permissive and hedonistic.

The threat of pornography are now increasing, not only pornography, but also pornoaction. At first, the category of porn-shaped image or picture (graphic), while in the second (pornoaction) form of acts or behaviors. Of course, the latter is more threatening, because of its direct (live), concrete (externalized), and challenging (Interested).

In the language of the Qur'an, pornographic or porno action was called tabarruj. According to the expert commentary, tabarruj meant exposing aspects of the beauty of women (idzhar mahasin-u-i al-mar'at-i), or show off something that should be covered according to eligibility (idzhar yajib ma-u-u-u ikhfa'uh ). The Word of God, "And ye shall not decorated and behave like the people who once ignorance." (Surat al-Ahzab: 32).

Tabarruj as mentioned in the above verse refers to the habit of women age ignorance. They used to dress up excessively by demonstrating aspects of jewelry and beauty of their bodies. This was done just when they were about to leave the house.

Their habits in this respect seems no different from contemporary women. This means, the habit of women in the days of ignorance before (jahiliyyat al-ula) has re-emerged in the days of modern ignorance (jahiliyyat al warn al'isyrin).

The women were ordered to leave the habit of believing ignorance. They are required to better protect themselves, by controlling the view, close the aurat, wearing a headscarf, or hijab, and in no way justified to tabarruj (Sura al-Nur: 31). In a hadith, the Prophet SAW forbade open adult female genitalia. Said, woman aurat is the whole body, except for two things as a special exception, namely the face and palms (Reported by Abu Dawood).

In another narration mentioned, when revealed verse 31 of al-Nur letter above, simultaneously Muslim women cover their heads and necks. In fact, some of them are tearing their sarongs as the headscarf or hijab.

Thus, orders that Muslim women cover the aurat, maintaining civility and decency by hooded or veiled, is not a problem khilafiyah, but Islam is in truth based on the Qur'an and As-Sunna.

Every Muslim, on par with the capability, should try to fight pornography and porno action. It was felt that the more important business was conducted in the midst of the threat of pornography and the growing craze that porno action today.

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