Friday, May 28, 2010

Earthly Charity

One day, Rasulullah SAW visit Fatimah who was grinding flour with Grinder. The Prophet was surprised, because Fatima appeared to cry. Why? Prophet's daughter was admitted to melt because of the tears that kept busy life turns endlessly. To her father, Fatimah expressed his desire to have a slave who could help all of her work at home.

Prophet approached the mill. He then consoled his daughter,''... God wills the good record, delete the bad, and raised derajatmu if you fulfill the duties of a wife keseharianmu as well.''

Rasulullah then said that a woman who can serve as a good wife to her husband, as well as a good mother to her children, God gave him a very noble degree.

On another occasion he also explains, if a mother's hair oiling themselves his children, menyisirinya, wash their own clothes, then the reward he got like a thousand charities to feed the hungry and give clothes a thousand people naked (has no clothes ).

Stories and traditions on the understanding that in giving to us that we should not create a dichotomy for our charity between the "worldly" and "ukhrawi", so then we favor the one and despise the other.

Therefore, not infrequently, what we take for granted turned out to actually contain a very high honor. We often, perhaps, think that the noble deeds that "ukhrawi", ie the thick shades-sacred rituals, such as jihad fi sabilillah, pilgrimage, prayer nafilah, remembrance, and tadarus.

The bustle of everyday life, for example, work in offices, factories, shops, on streets, in order to provide for the family at home, or busy in the home such as care homes and child care, profane deeds, ie, "worldly", we consider frivolous, casual, not charity main noble nan.

In fact, referring to the stories and words of the Apostle in the above, it is clear that such a mistaken understanding. In particular viewpoint and scale, profane deeds, "worldly deeds" were very high value before God, as long as done in a manner and a good intention, according to guidelines which disunahkan Apostles.

One time, when the Apostles were gathered with her friends, there was a young man through thick and powerful. The Companions said, "Well, suppose solidity and keperkasaannya used for jihad in the battlefield sabilillah, how nice."
But, what the Prophet comment?

He did not agree with such a partial perspective. "Had he still have parents at home, he better use his strength to take care of their parents rather than jihad. Or, if the keperkasaannya that he worked for a living for himself so as not to depend on others, it was much better than jihad."

Source: Republika Online


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