Friday, May 28, 2010

Between Crying and Laughing

At one point in the Hari Raya Idul Fitri, Sufi Ibn al-Wardi met with a group of people who were laughing uproariously. Seeing this scene, Ibn al-Wardi muttered to himself. He said,''If they obtain a pardon, whether by doing so, they give thanks to God, and if they did not obtain a pardon, if they are not afraid of punishment and torment of Allah?''

Critique of Ibn al-Wardi is demonstrating most of the Sufis. In general they do not like having fun and laughing. They prefer to cry and silence to remember God. For the Sufis, laughing is a despicable act which must be shunned, because these actions may cause ghaflah considered, that is negligent of the remembrance of Allah.

Another bad result, laughing may make the heart become death, which makes a person can not know God (Zumar, 22), can not receive instructions (Al-Baqarah: 7), and easily misled by the devil (Hajj: 53) . At the time of the War of Tabuk, the hypocrites turn away and refuse to war with the Prophet. They're just having fun and laughing in the back of him. Of course they were condemned by God and were threatened with severe punishment. His Word,''Say: The fire of hell was more highly heat if they only knew.

Then let them laugh little and weep much, as a retaliation of what they were doing.''(Al-Taubah: 81-82). Paragraph above, according to expert interpretation of al-Razi, comes in the form of command (al-amr), but the news has meaning (al-khabar). In this perspective, the verse means that the excitement and joy of hypocrites is really short, not long, because the world is not eternal pleasures unlimited aliases.

While the grief and suffering in the afterlife they lasted a long time and continuously, because the punishment and torment of eternal God in the afterlife aka forever. This means, everyone is faced with two choices that are antagonistic, that is laughing in the world, but weep in the afterlife, or crying in the world, but be of good cheer and smiling in the afterlife. In the hadiths, the Prophet ordered that the Muslims had more crying than laughing. He said,''If you know what I know, surely you guys a little laugh and cry a lot.''(Bukhari-Muslim). In the afterlife, unlike in the world, humans will be divided into two sects.

First, the faction who rejoice and merry laugh. Those are the inhabitants of heaven. Second, the class of people who suffer and moping. Those are the dwellers of Hell. He said:''Some faces that Day will be beaming, laughing and cheerful amusement, and many faces that day covered in dust and covered also by the darkness. Those are rebellious infidels again.''('Abasa: 38-42). Hopefully, we belong to this class of people who can laugh ria in the Hereafter. Amen.

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