Friday, May 28, 2010

Business Fatwa

One day the caliph al-Mansur quarreled with his wife, Alhaza. Alhaza demanding justice her husband when he was about to dimadu. To resolve the issue, he asked that was decided by Imam Abu Hanifah. Through the imam fatwa, the Caliph finally carry out the attack to forge his wife because he has only one wife is not able to be fair.

The wife was delighted at the decision as he ordered the servant to deliver a variety of gifts to the house he was in the form of money amounting to 50 thousand dirhams, a pile of clothes, the pretty maid, and several animal mounts.

As he handed over the gift, the waitress said her employer based on the message, "Mr. greetings and daughter had left a deep gratitude for your decision is truly wise man."

It was Abu Hanifa did not drool on the gift. He was behind the answer, "Convey greetings back from me and tell him that I just straightened my religious teachings. I decide it simply because of God.

Not because of worldly wealth and goodness to expect from our fellow creatures. Bring back the gift and tell him that may Allah bless all your treasures! "

What a wise and noble Imam Abu Hanifa scientific commitment. Despite the millions of gifts offered because of his decision that he think is right and without manipulating the fatwa though, he still was not tempted to accept.

Science is necessarily bound by the moral commitment always memihaki despite bitter truth to say that even requires above all the lives at stake. He did not recede to speak the truth even bribed a variety of worldly wealth, nor never wavered despite having to deal with the gallows and grasp the ruler.

This is the scientific value of which has a mandate. Science is committed to moral values lead us away from the lips service, rhetoric, or just drug lara penglipur people increasingly suffer.

Science of the spout is a gesture to agree on the "Yes" or "No" according to one article of Law sponsors message. This resulted in a fatwa business torments of hell. Is there a moral commitment in the conscience of our current representatives?

Source: Republika Online


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