Friday, May 28, 2010

Make away with oneself

Various cases of suicide now started to emerge among some of our communities. This case happened since the above circles, among people who have abundant wealth, people used to earn just barely, to the elementary school children are still very young, the healthy logic could not have dared take such desperate measures.

Various analysis done by experts in various fields of science. They want to know the main cause of the outbreak of this case, which is now also occurring in some countries, like Korea, Hong Kong, and Japan, or possibly in other countries. From the analysis of results was obtained, the main core causes of suicide cases is the belief that the weakness and instability, combined with the crush of life issues increasingly heavy and complex who can not afford their own bear, such as financial and economic problems, which then responded with a strong desire to resolve it yourself with shortcuts.

Many people think that suicide is the final settlement of the problem, when in fact such action was the beginning of major problems to be faced and even eternal. After death, each person will receive a reply from a charity he had done in the world.

Word of Almighty Allah: Verily hell it (her) a place of ambush, again become a place again for those who exceed the limits, they lived in it for centuries, they did not feel the coolness in it and not (nor any) drink, in addition to boiling water and pus, as a retaliation in kind. (Sura 78: 21-26).

Those who believe and do good works that utilize the time of his life to various activities that are beneficial to the end will get a good reward from Allah, whether on earth or in heaven. This is as stated the Koran (Sura 16: 97): Anyone who did good works, both men and women in a state of faith, so shall We give him a good life (the world) and indeed, We shall also give them more reward in the hereafter good deeds of charity in the world.

For those who believe, face the problems of living are common problems. Therefore, there is no life in the dictionary what frustrated her name, let alone destroy, injure, and / or kill himself. Frustration and suicide is owned by people who do not believe, as stated in the Qur'an (Sura 12: 87): .... And do not despair of reaching God's grace. Because, really does not despair of Allah's mercy except those who disbelieve (not believe).

Source: Republika Online


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