Friday, May 28, 2010


''O Allah! I beseech Thee persistence in the affairs (of religion) and a strong willingness to follow the truth,''so the prayer the Prophet Muhammad in a pleading determination, as narrated by Imam al-Kabir Thabrani in wal-Ausath.

In another narration, the Prophet also prayed,''cor, yes Muqallibal-qulub, tsabbit qalbi 'ala enjoyable (Oh God, the One who was tossing and turning hearts, validate my heart on your religion).''(Ahmad). Prayer, as one formula for achieving and maintaining strength, not only exemplified by the Prophet SAW. In fact, Allah, besides praising the firm, also teaches in the series editor of prayer all his verse. For example, in surah Al-Baqarah verse 250,''O our Lord, pour patience upon us, validate our establishment, and help us against the unbelievers.

Firmness''or ATS-tsabat is absolutely necessary in this life, in whatever field. Not only in religious life, but also in the constellation of political, economic or business networks, as well as in social life in general. Many leaders in the world is toppled from power chair because it is not firm in your mandate to run its power and be tempted to use a moral hazard, so perverted power.

Too many business people who crashed in the middle of the road because courage is lost and more enamored of novelty, whether gambling, vices, and others. The former activists became the material of public scorn, for steadfastness in carrying the idealism faded along with the target power has been grabbed. Similarly, people who are knowledgeable (scholars), many of them are stripped keulamaannya muru'ah and robes because drool on the lure of office. In fact, it was an ordeal to strengthen courage.

Anyone who can not get out of the ordeal, because the world is indeed a test field, not a place replies. The Word of God Almighty,''Do you suppose that you will go to heaven, but have not come to you (trials) as well as those who passed before you?''(Al-Baqarah: 214). Trials are sunnatullah, and if someone has survived the traps, lure, trap, intimidation, blow, and a variety of exams coming barrage, then only then convenience and help of Allah comes.

Because, rescue and all was saved for the convenience of people entitled to receive them. Only people who have the determination to end perjalananlah, are eligible to receive a variety of gift it. And a success it can be enjoyed in full if it is a result of severe and exhausting struggle. And Allaah knows best-shawab bus.

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