Friday, May 28, 2010

Challenges Facing the Brave

When the armies of the world's biggest imperialist countries at that time, the Eastern Roman (Byzantine), is reaching Madinah, Rasulullah SAW blocking troop dispatch. Towards Mu'tah region, precisely in the Village Mu'an, Muslims stop two days and two nights. Unexpectedly, with the alliance, like the Bani Ghassan, Lakham, Juzam, and others, the Romans set up more than 200 thousand members of the armed forces. In fact, Islam is only 3,000 soldiers.

Most of the Muslims wanted to resign because he felt it was impossible to face the opponent. The others, want to let know once Rasulullah SAW said, requesting additional troops. Suddenly, Abdullah bin Rawwahah foster sound,''Ladies and gentlemen, for the sake of God's true that you hate your objective here, which is martyrdom. We fought against the enemy is not due in full force and army were plentiful.

Rather, because with this religion of God will glorify us. Therefore, let's go reach one of two good: victory or martyrdom.''The words of Abdullah aware of all troops. Enemies do not searchable, but if it had been in front of the eyes, do not ever run. Finally, the success of Islamic forces morandakan memorak-Roman. Gagallah bad intentions they wanted to expand the colony, as well as damage to the glory of Islam. Perhaps, if the delay against the Roman army in order to grow, not necessarily win.

Faith and discipline and work righteous deeds of the companions of Abdullah Apostles made them stand up to the challenge, although it is greater than believed. Unfortunately, we did not. There is a tendency rather fond of running away from trouble and delay to complete the task, if you think thats the problem is so heavy. Felt a little hard, be addressed by doing lately. That was ahead of the deadline. Some bad habits such as students and new students to study hard before the exam. Or, the authorities who let the problem as a kid, even despised.

However, a new panic and seek help traverse the time has mepet, while energy and funds running low. Consequently, if the problem resolved, sacrifice so much greater than if completed in advance. Declining quality of work, while others abandoned the task and affairs. Improving faith, quantity, and quality of good deeds will make bold to face the problem, though heavier than supposition. However, if you truly seek and pray, every issue is resolved. No problem, except to the extent of human ability (Sura 2:286). Escape or delay the deal actually enlarge and aggravate the problem of bad effects.

Source: Republika Online


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