Friday, May 28, 2010

Fight Crime with Kindness

When the Prophet conquered Mecca in the year 13 AH, the pagans of Quraysh stricken fear because their crimes against the Prophet and Muslims in the past. They expect to receive recompense evil from Muslims.

Apparently Prophet proclaimed that day as a day of forgiveness. He announced three ways to secure for the Quraish of Mecca, one of which is sheltered in the house of Abu Sofyan. Abu Sofyan before it was known as the Quraysh leaders who have very much to the Messenger of evil. Other villains were Abu Jahl and Abu Lahab who was already dead.

Next, gather all the army of Prophet of Islam in a row and called Abu Sofyan. Prophet declared that from that day as a leader Abu Sufyan raised Muslim army was marching in front of him. Fear and dismay in the chest Abu Sufyan and Quraish infidels turned into relief and although still mixed emotion of shame.

Prophet and the Muslims did not repay evil with evil Quraish infidels. On the contrary, the Prophet treated them well and humanely. Indeed, that's true guidance of Allah SWT. His words:''It is not just evil and goodness.

Repel evil with good way, so people are hostile between you and him like a faithful friend.''(As-Sajadah: 34).
It is true, good treatment that has made Abu Sofyan Prophet immediately withdrew his hand and say two sentences to embrace the Islamic Creed. Abu Sofyan step followed the other infidels.

That's when the An-Nasr off a letter:''If God had come for help and victory. And you see people get into the religion of Allah (Islam) in droves. So, celebrate the praises of God Forgive you and ask. Verily Allah is All Recipients of reconciliation.''

From there see that Islam is anti-crime. Islam teaches Muslims to combat evil with goodness. Thus, the crime does not continue and even led to a good relationship between perpetrators and victims of crime. Evidenced by good replies from the Prophet, Abu Sufyan embraced Islam. Children and grandchildren back in the days of Abu Sofyan became Muslim leaders.

If the crime be eradicated with a crime, will be more emphasis on crime. Be mean to deny the crime means that the practice of revenge or taking the opportunity to do evil. So, between those who do evil and those who combat crime, as bad.

So, it is difficult to understand combat terrorists with acts of terror. Although the pretext to quell terrorism, acts of terror can not be permitted. Rewarded terror terror means doubling the crime.

Source: Republika Online


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