Friday, May 28, 2010

Exert oneself

When they reached the Holy Prophet and the Muhajirin in Medina, he prioritized agenda memperat kinship (muakhah) between Muhajirin and Ansar. Is the background of a strong bond of harmony, compassion, and the race to do good by the sacrifice of property, soul, and body. This they pour out only for his keridlaan expect. In fact, the Ansar always emphasizes the Muhajirin, even if they are in difficult circumstances (Sura 59:9).

Heard at the time, Abdurahman ibn 'Auf from Muhajirin dipersaudarakan with friends Sa'd ibn Rabi'. Sa'd ibn Rabi 'was one of the conglomerates Medina. Sa'ad Abd invited to to take what he wanted to meet requirements.

Abdur Rahman bin 'Auf was as an ascetic friend, Wara', honest, and moral good does not necessarily grant the request for this brother. He will not take anything without effort and is based on hard work to get it. Accordingly, Sa'd Abd ask for mengantarkannnya to market. Trade skill he or she has not abandoned-siakannya. He did not just stand idly by to get the mercy of others, while you still have the ability to try.

Not long later, because of its honest, tenacious, and hard work, he eventually became a successful merchant, so he became a conglomerate of generous, and always treasure for the continuation of propaganda menginfakkan.

From these stories, we can reap the wisdom, in the midst of a prolonged economic crisis squeezing, the Indonesian nation need to be encouraged Abdurahman ibn 'Auf-Abdurahman bin' Auf new and refreshing to turn this nation, so as to restore the identity of this nation become nation of dignity in the eyes of the world. Because so far, we have lost our identity as a great nation, because its leaders are always hoping to get help from other nations. This resulted in dependence to always get things their people without based business.

Is not this nation is rich with natural resources? This is the basic capital we already have. For that, subsequent to stay how we are able to process them. God willing, with honesty, perseverance, and hard work among us, both officials and people, this nation will again be a nation to be reckoned with in the world arena. Hopefully! And Allaah knows best.

Source: Republika Online


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