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Those''the noblest among you is the hand of God the most cautious person''(QS Al-Hujurat: 49)

How many large private in the history of the high-minded but it is very rare. Able to defeat such personal self and his ego aside for the sake of a much larger congregation.

Among the pearl beads that Khalid bin Walid was in the forefront. One story that mentions the election of the second Caliph Umar Bin Khattab, after Caliph Abu Bakr Ash Shiddiq died. In fact, at the same time going war against the Romans commanded Khalid bin Walid. Before Umar became Caliph, he has argued that the position of Khalid to be replaced because he was worried about the Muslims had fallen into ruin, that they fight because Khalid is not because of God.

And indeed, after he was appointed as the Caliph, the command was issued to replace the general. Then is sent to replace Abu Ubaidah War Commander positions. In an instant Khalid changed from a commander who has the power to become a regular army.

And really amazing, Khalid to conquer the instinct of existing powers to him (hubbus siyadah) and does not make him the support of the army as a tool to keep his post. In fact, she still fought under the new command and obey all the orders of his superiors. When he was asked about his statement that came out beautiful and will always be remembered for all time:''I fought it were not for Umar Umar but for God's sake.''

So the greatness of soul of Khalid bin Walid, he was able to restrain themselves so that the ummah would not be a victim. Sure would have been different results if Khalid protest the dismissal of himself as a commander and then mobilizing his supporters for the job, there would be chaos and people will disintegrate. They could be fighting in the ranks and the enemy will surely beat them easily, and the Roman conquest there may be only in imagination. Indeed, the greatness of your soul, O Khalid necessary precedent of the present leaders.

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