Friday, May 28, 2010

Subjects Bederma

One time Dzun Nun al-Mishri contemplation in the forest, accompanied by a faithful disciple. They found a bird that has no power to fly, because its wings were broken. The bird can only be thrashing around in the dirt. A few moments later, came another bird brought food to him. Bird had a broken wing, without bothering to look for food, can eat well thanks to his friend.

Witnessing the event were rare, the reflective and thoughtful students to explore lessons learned. ''In fact, without even trying to find food, we are able to survive thanks to the service of others. What a blessing to all creatures of Allah,''he concluded.

As a Wali Allah, al-Mishri Dzun Nun can feel what is contemplated by the pupil. He also told her,''You should not think a bird's broken wing. But, think of a bird feeding, which can help his brother.''

Speech Dzun Nun al-Mishri reminds us of the words of the Prophet SAW,''Al-yadd ulya al-Khair al-yadd min al-sufla.''(Bukhari and Muslim). In Muslim history are added, which referred to al-al-ulya yadd is al-munfiqah (alms giver) and al-al-sufla yadd is al-sailah (requester or receiver).

That the teachings of Islam. Islam teaches followers to be a donor and benefactor for the needy. This is reflected for example from the teachings of zakat (al-Baqarah: 43, 83, and 110; al-Ahzab: 33; al-Mujadila: 13; and others). In fact, lined up as a pillar of zakat pillars of Islam. This shows, helping people in need, received great attention in the teachings of Islam.

Interestingly, like the promise of Allah in Sura Saba 'verse 39, despite our many bederma, it will not reduce our property. Allah will replace and even add to it. Allah is saying,''Say: 'Verily my Lord enlarges the provision for whom He wills among His servants and collapses to (whom He wills). " And whatever good thing ye spend, Allah will replace them, and He is the Sustainer of the best.''

But, on the other hand, Allah also challenges us to donate the items we most love. Allah is saying,''Ye did not come to righteousness (perfect), until ye spend of that which ye love wealth. And whatever ye spend, Allah knows.''(Ali Imran, verse 92).

It's a tough challenge for us. Because, donated goods that we love, need a good religious consciousness and a sincere sacrifice. That challenge and a test for believers. We live to prove that we are including people who have the right degree of al-birr, through various charities. Wallah knows best.

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