Friday, May 28, 2010

Glorify oneself

Glorify oneself have been neglecting you. Until you get into the grave. Do not do this, you will know (due to account for it). And do so, you will know. Do so, if you know for sure knowledge. Ye actually going to see Hell Jahiim. And ye shall see it with Ainul Yaqin. Then you may be asked on that day about the joy (ye-boast magnificent in the world). (Surat At-Takatsur)

Fourteen centuries ago in a city now called Medina, the two mass groups, the Bani Harith and Banu Harithah, mutual show of force to determine who deserves the most severe and supremacy in the field of social, economic, and political.

Their feud was so heightened, to the extent to prove that they are the group with the most supporters, they went to the cemetery to count the members of those already dead and stuffed into the calculations. "Alhakum at-takatsur" (You guys have been neglected by the boast-megahan). Likewise the Qur'an comment about the incident. The Qur'an repeatedly asserted that human beings are not caught in the act, and threatened the perpetrators to hell.

In the Qur'anic view of such events is a regrettable incident because it can ignite hatred, revenge, and horizontal conflicts, and is a source of destruction of mankind. This event is being deliberately enshrined in the Koran because it is universal. It could happen anytime, anywhere and by anyone. Even when this could happen, right here in this country, and could be the culprit is our own.

But is it true at-takatsur disease was contagious in this country? We hoped not. Only if true, then ask ourselves, when will it stop? Are we just going to stop after we die as a disindir Qur'an, or are we going to stop now, before this nation in ruins because the people and especially their leaders at-takatsur disease, which often show off, but had no meaningful work .

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