Saturday, May 29, 2010

Loss of Conscience

One of the main properties of SAW Rasululah exemplary Muslims, especially by leaders, is the humble nature (tawadhu) manifested in an extraordinary love to the people weak, poor, orphans, elderly widows, and the slave.

He was often seen hanging out with them, comforting, empathetic, and solve and provide solutions to every problem that they face. You also felt the suffering of the Muslim Prophet as his suffering. The Word of God (Sura 9: 128): Now hath come unto you a messenger from thy people themselves.

The weight seemed to him suffering, desperately wanted (faith and salvation) for you, so again loving compassion towards the believers. Prophet, the leader of humble, often to explain to his friend,''If you want to find me, look in the midst of the poor. They all are the cause of the coming of sustenance and help from Allah SWT.''

We are all very concerned by the number of poor people in our country who continue to grow, both in quantity and quality. Almost every day we read in print and electronic media, poor people who grieve and cried because the house where he lived apart, either because of accidents by fire, floods and landslides, as well as evictions.

They seemed to lose hope of life and become citizens who feel bullied and the exiled leaders. In addition, school-age children who can not go to school today apparently grew increasingly numerous. Similarly, the unemployment rate.

On the other hand, in contrast to this, in every election to the regions, we often hear news that hundreds of millions and even billions of rupiah wasted and distributed to members of the legislature to vote support. Also built a lighthouse projects (which are not directly needed by society) at a cost of billions of rupiah.

The irony of this happening because of loss of conscience of some leaders and representatives of our peoples. They're more fun to think of himself and his group than the people at large. They have the heart to destroy the future of society that is synonymous with destroying the future of the nation, although the words and the words as if reflecting the alignments.

Studying the successful leadership of one of the Prophet was the main core of humility and love on the poor people, then this reason, should become the main concern of the leaders of the nation today. If not, then the downturn will be more terrible happened upon the community and our nation. We hope that this and the next day, no more tears flowing because people felt oppressed. And Allaah knows best.

Source: Republika Online


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