Saturday, May 29, 2010

Quiet Heart By: Didin Hafidhuddin

In a dialogue with his companions, the Prophet SAW said,''Do you want a quiet heart and fulfilled the needs of life? "The Companions replied,''Yes, we want it.''Then the Prophet SAW said,''love the orphans, stroke head, give the same food with your food, it will calm your heart and your life needs will be met also.''(Reported by Imam Abu Darda Thabrani).

Heart of a peaceful and fulfilled the needs of life is everyone's dream. With a calm heart, someone akam capable of solving various problems of life, no matter how complex and severe problems that it faces. With a quiet heart also, someone will have the optimism in the search for and obtain a halal food to meet their basic needs. Heart of a peaceful and fulfilling the necessities of life are like two sides of one coin, which complement and enhance each other.

Based on the above hadith, both things are very essential and important it can be achieved, among others, by paying attention to orphans. Noting his daily food, attention to his clothes, and pay attention to education.

Sacrifice for the benefit of orphans who have no parents who formed the backbone families, especially in poor condition, is equal to saving the future of their lives, both in this world and in the Hereafter. They are doing a good deed for the benefit of pious charity that would be worth enduring in the face of God Almighty.

In fact, in a hadith saheeh others, the Prophet SAW said,''I will be with the managers of orphans in heaven, like the two fingers (berdekatannya).''Conversely, let orphans (especially from family or close neighbors) is considered act to ennoble the same with religion and deny the Day of Judgement, as stated in Sura 107: 1-3:''Do you know (people) who reject religion? That person who rebuked the orphan and does not give the food to the poor.''

At this time, due to the occurrence of various disasters particularly unfortunate conflict in many areas, stripped of human life in an amount not less and the number of orphans has led more and more. Therefore, all Muslims who can should have a sensitivity and a higher responsibility to set aside part of his wealth for the benefit of the orphans.

Hopefully sobriety and met the necessities of life will we achieve together. Amen. And Allaah knows best bi-Shawab ash.

Source: Republika Online


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