Friday, May 28, 2010

Mirror Ideal Society

One day Umar ibn al-Khattab who at that time served as a Qadi (judge) came to the Caliph Abu Bakr As-Shiddik. Witnessed by the other Companions, Umar submitted her resignation from the position.

Umar said,''Yes, Commander of the Faithful, Abu Bakr, had long since I held positions in the empire's Qadi, but not many are complaining about ihwalnya me. Therefore, I now apply to have released from this position.''

Caliph Abu Bakr in a tone of surprise and then asked,''Why do you ask this? Was it the weight of the task, O my friend Omar?''
Umar replied,''No, O Commander of the Faithful. However, I was no longer needed her to be the believers Qadi.

They all know their rights each, so that no one demands more of its rights. They also know their obligations so that no one who felt the need to reduce them. They loved each other like a loving brother to himself.''

''If one is not present,''Umar ibn al-Khattab continued,''They're looking for. If there is anything they see him sick, if somebody can not afford them help, if anyone needs help they get help, and if there are those affected to express my condolences.

Their religion is advice. Their morals are ma'ruf amar nahi munkar. That's why there's no reason for them to fight.''Story reflects the good society and a lesson in improving society. There are two important pillars that must be enforced together.

First, make the Islamic Sharia as a guide to life other than as counsel, so that formed the desires and expectations of the good feelings of the individual in society to another individual. Prophet said,''It's not two people love each other in most major religions except between the two is the greatest love for his friend.''(Bukhari).

The second pillar is a amar ma'ruf munkar nahi, which materialize in activity behaviors to straighten the crooked and put the right path in the middle of the streets are crooked. Thus, individual communities are aware of the wrong behavior, and when they appear in front of the straight path, they are expected to return to full consciousness.

There is no better improvement process than the process through which self-consciously. Allah said: Verily Allah will not change the state of a people until they change the circumstances that exist on their own. (Ar Ra'd: 11).

Source: Republika Online


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