Friday, May 28, 2010

Mirror exemplary

Ibn Abbas RA once recalled, "One night I stayed at my mother's sister's house, Maimunah - one of the Prophet's wife. When the Prophet's turn to stay there. At midnight the Prophet woke up from sleep and immediately ablution from syan - small water bag made of leather - that depends. Then the Prophet prayed. Then I woke up and perform ablutions with water remaining in the flasks. As the work of the Prophet SAW, and then I prayed in his left side. Prophet rub me the right. (Bukhari ).

Above hadith reveal two very valuable things that exemplified the Prophet SAW. First, the importance of exemplary. We'll see what is being done by Ibn Abbas, since getting out of bed, then ablution and then pray the night with the Prophet SAW. Everything is done without any invitation or command of the Prophet. However, by Ibn Abbas is the sincerity to imitate what the Prophet.

Second, efficient and wasteful attitude to distance. As the Messenger of ablution with water sufficiently, no exaggeration. Quite to the extent that is prescribed for God. In fact, the available water in the water bag had, intentionally provided for the Prophet.

Not wrong if Rasullulah spend it. Even more than that, all the people of Medina will be happy to carry as much water as possible to the Prophet. But no, the Messenger of Allah enough economical use of water-hematnya. In fact, for Ibn 'Abbas left for ablution.

A noble example. Indeed, leaders must set an example and highlight exemplary to lead. Beretorika than exemplary dry without means.

In another narration, narrated that the Prophet never participated with his companions to fetch firewood. In fact, the companions do not want Messenger. But, he still went with his friends for an example.

We certainly do not like the practices of corruption and waste that is roughly shown in this country. We are weak and helpless combating it. Lo was a set of laws and an appeal was not enough for combating or meminimalisasinya. More than all that we are required to provide a 'mirror' that reflects a good role model to subordinates and our environment.

As expressed by Ibn Khaldun, that man is the child of his environment. What is seen and heard from the natural surroundings and mentally very dominating personality.

No longer, Indonesian people will choose a leader. We hope and pray, may Allah bestow us leaders who are honest, sincere, simple, well capable of providing exemplary in all ways of life. And Allaah knows best.

Source: Republika Online


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