Saturday, May 29, 2010

Victory Itself

By : KH Didin Hafidhuddin

Victory and success in life is always coveted by every person and group of people although the size and different criteria. Many argue, an indicator that victory is the number of followers. That approach is oriented solely on the number, as if victory and success are identical and proportional to the quantity. In fact, how much error and confusion that followed by most people.

About this, Allah states in Qur'an verses 116-117 anymore,''And if you obey most of the people on this earth, they will menyesatkannmu from the path of Allah. They follow nothing but conjecture and they are nothing but a lie (against Allah). Verily thy Lord, He is Best Aware of those who stray from His Path, and He is Best Aware of those who get a clue.''

The verse is at once explained that the victory was essentially a power of partisanship and commitment to all provisions sourced from the teachings of Allah. It was this group that essentially will get a gift from God in the form of winning the world and the hereafter, although the amount is not much.

This is expressed in Surat Al-Baqarah verse 249,''... How many groups there are few groups that beat a lot with the permission of Allah. And Allah is with those who steadfastly persevere.''Course it would be better if the truth were followed by significant amounts.

General Election 5 April 2004 are already underway and has been known (though still tentative) that get the party enough legislative seats and the party that the number of voters is very small. Almost everyone believes that party gets a lot of legislators, that's what wins, while the losers are the numbers a bit.

Of course the assessment is not entirely wrong, but also not entirely true, if you ignore the way the party and attempt to win the election. If done in ways that loaded with money politics, coupled with efforts to make duping and deception of the masses, then the victory is short it is essentially a defeat, especially if later the representatives of the people are doing various kinds of betrayal.

However, if the legislative seats obtained in a manner that is clean, fair, honest and transparent, then that is an essential victory although the numbers are not too many. And this also should be a reference to those who believe. Therefore, we believe the representatives of their people also will be representatives of the people who trust and responsibility towards Allah and towards the people of the electorate. And Allaah knows best bi-Shawab ash.

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