Monday, June 7, 2010

5 Important Lessons

My friend, in MyQ, Some time ago, I got an email from my friend's brother, in Malang. Pretty good, and touching. A story of five critical lessons. Less is more like the contents of his email.
Important Lesson-1: Everything Matters

In his second lecture at the beginning of mine, a professor gave us a surprise quiz. Since the accident enough to listen all his lectures, I'm pretty quick quiz solving problems, to the last question. The contents of this last question is: Who was the first name the woman who became the school janitor?

I am sure about it just "joking". I often see this woman. Tall, with dark hair and aged around 50's, but how do I know her first name ..?

I collect all my exam paper, of course with the last question the answer blank.

Before the class finished, a colleague asked the professor, about the last question would be "counted" or not. "Of course Only Counted!!" said the Professor. "On your career journey, you will meet many people. Everything is important!. All you have to pay attention and nurture, even though it was just a piece of a smile, or a quick" hello "!

I always remember that lesson. I then knew, that the first name of the mother cleaning the school is "Dorothy".

Important Lesson-2: Passengers who rained on

That night, at half past eleven at night. A nigger woman neatly-old, was standing at the edge of Alabama highways. He seems to try to survive in very heavy rain, which is almost like a storm. The car seems more broken, and this woman was desperate to hitchhike.

In wet conditions, he tried to stop every passing car. The next car driven by a Caucasian boy, he stopped to help these mothers. Apparently the Caucasian was not aware of the ethnic conflict - 1960s, namely racial discrimination at that time. This young man is finally brought the negro mothers saved up somewhere, to get help, then this mom find a taxi.

Although the look is very in a hurry, the mother was asking about the boy's address, write it, then thanked the young man. 7 days passed, and suddenly the door was tapped Someone Caucasian youth. A surprise for him, because who came turned out to shipment of a large color television sets (in the 1960s!) Sent special homes. Tucked into the small letters plastered on television, whose contents are:

"Thank you son, for helping in the toll road that night. The rain not only soaked my shirt, but also my soul. Thank God you came and helped me. Because of your help, I still had time to attend my husband's side who was dying ... until his death . God bless you, because it helps me and is not concerned with yourself at that moment "

Ny. Nat King Cole

Note: Nat King Cole, is a famous singer thn negro. 60s in the USA

Important lesson to-3: Always pay attention and remember, in everything you serve.

In an age of special ice-cream (ice cream sundae) is still cheap, a boy of age 10 years into the Coffee Shop Hotel, and sat at the table. A waitress came over, and give the white water in front.

The child is then asked "How so, ... the price of one ice cream sundae?" he said. "50 cents ..." replied the waitress.

The child then took out the contents of his pocket and counted and studied the coins in his pocket ....

"Well ... If an ordinary ice cream how many?" he said again.

But this time the people who sit on other tables were already widely ... and the waitress was growing impatient.

"35 cents" said the waiter with a bad mood. This kid started menghitungi and learn again the coins that had been dikantongnya.

"Mom ... I instructed them that ordinary ice cream yes ..." he said.

The waiter then brought the ice cream, put the paper receipts on the table and kept walking away. The child was then eating ice-cream, paid the cashier, and left.

When the waiter returned to clear her desk was a small child, she began to cry. Small plates are arranged neatly beside the empty, there are three 10-cent coin fruits and 5 fruit 1-cent coin.

You can see ... This kid can not messages Ice-cream sundae, because they do not have enough money to give the waiter a tip that "feasible" ......

Important lesson-4: Barriers in the Way We

Once upon a time, there was a King, who placed a large boulder in the middle of the road. King was then in hiding, to see if anyone would remove the stone from the road.

Some of the richest merchant who became a partner king arrived there, to walk around the big stone. There are also many who came, and then cursing the King, because it does not clean the street from the obstacle. But none of that would smooth the way by removing the stone.

Then came a farmer, who wears a lot of vegetables. When approached, the farmer is then put before the load, and try to move the stone kepinggir road. After much pushing and pushing, he finally got rid of that big rock.

When the farmer wants to lift return vegetable, place the rock turns out there is the sac that contains lots of gold coins and a letter from the King. Letter saying that gold is only for people who want to get rid of these stones from the road.

Farmer was later learned, a lesson that we can never understand. That at every hurdle, hidden opportunities that can be used to improve our lives.

Important lesson 5: Providing, when needed

Time was, when I was a volunteer who worked in a hospital, I met a little girl named Liz, a patient with a serious disease that is very rare. Opportunity cured, only to her brother, a small man who was 5 years old, which is miraculous recovery from the same disease. This child has the antibodies needed to fight the disease.

The doctor then tries to explain the situation to your complete medical little children, and asked if he was ready to give his blood to his sister. I see little hesitated a moment, before taking a deep breath and said "Okay ... I'll do that .... as long as it could save my sister."

Following the blood transfusion process, this little one lying on the bed, beside her sister. Her sister's face began to redden, but the little one's face began to pale and his smile disappeared. The little look to the doctor, and asked in a trembling voice ... he said "Will I die a doctor immediately ...?"

Apparently little bit of misunderstanding. He felt that he must give up all her blood to save the soul of his brother.

Look ... not understanding and attitude is everything .... ?

Your choices are only two
1. Delete e-mail this
2. Forward to anyone you love ....

Work as if you do not need the money,
Love as you've never been disappointed,
According to you, how the contents of his email?, May be a lesson for us all. Please send, wherever you like.



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