Monday, June 7, 2010

Love something because God

Talking about love can not be released with the motive and purpose of the perpetrator. According to the meaning he said, love is in the mood to like something. In Arabic, love is often referred to with the word hubb. Love something means the same as pleased with it.

Love is one of pure nature (natural) that indeed Allah bestowed on mankind. With love, human and other one can build a harmonious relationship. Rasulullah SAW said,''Allah SWT have mercy 100 affection. A total of 99 was saved for His servants will in the hereafter, while only one was sent down to mankind. With only one blessing is, from one to another human being in love.''(Bukhari-Muslim).

Thus, love and affection that people had essentially is the highest form of grace that God Almighty gave. That means real love must be based on the belief that love is from Allah and positive as possible should be utilized by humans, simply because of God. In other words, to love another human being must be based on the attitude that in fact it is because God's love, that love will always be generated in the path of Allah that has been outlined, not only indulge in love with a blind lust low. Loving someone because Allah SWT will take someone on one level, where Allah SWT bestow His eternal love beyond measure.

Prophet once told Abu Hurairah,''Surely there is a man who intends to visit his friend in a village. On the way, he met an angel that God sent down on purpose to inquire goals. The man replied, he wanted to visit one of his friends in a village. The angel asked again about the reason for the visit, whether because his friend has one valuable service that must be repaid or not. Firmly, the man replied he had no other reason than that his visit is because his love for his friend, a love that is based solely because of Allah SWT. The angel finally tells him that he is the Messenger of Allah to convey the good news that the man's guaranteed to be loved by God forever, with her love for her friend.''(Muslim).

Philanthropy is only for God, for no other reason, that was the forerunner to the eternal love of Almighty Allah in the Hereafter prepared. Love this reason, the model will be shaded later in the day of Judgement. One day there was no shade longer than the shade which God gave to humans. Rasulullah SAW said,''On the day of Judgement Allah will say, 'Where are the people who love each other just because I? On the day of Judgement that none of this shade, I'll give my shade to them all '.''(Muslim). With a love that is based on beliefs like these, mankind will be able to bring peace and harmony among neighbors. And Allaah knows best. (Morning Kurnianto)



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