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There Is Mars? What on earth happened?

MERM (Mars Exploration Rover Mission) - 24th March 2004.

The science of astronomy states That the speed of planet Mars has been Decreasing orbit in its course toward the eastern direction in the past Few weeks to the level We notice the "waver" Between the east and the west, and
on Wednesday the 30th July 2004 , Expected stop the planet's movement will from going Towards the eastern direction. Then in the months of August and September 2004, MARS will of change its course in the Opposite direction to the west - And that Until the end of September 2004, Which means the sun will from now rise from the west on MARS! This Weird Phenomenon of The Opposite movement called "Motion retrograde." Most astronomy scientist states That all the planets in the universe will of go through the Same once at least and our planet Earth is one of Them. Planet Earth will from move in The Opposite direction and the sun will of someday rise from the West! Might this occurs soon and We Are aware of it.

Free translation:

Scientists of astronomy states that the speed of planet Mars in its orbit path has been reduced to the orbit of the East in recent weeks to the level of dubious motion between east and west.

On Wednesday (July 30, 2004), it is estimated that the movement of the planet would stop moving from the east. Then, in August and September 2004, Mars will change its orbit movement in the opposite direction (which was originally from east to west, being from west to east), which means that the sun will rise from the western part of the current MARS. These strange phenomena (movement in the opposite direction) is called "Retrogade Motion." Astronomy experts declare that all the planets in the universe will experience the same thing, at least one times, and the Planet Earth we also included therein.

Planet Earth will move in the opposite direction and the sun will rise from the west!! This will happen in a short time and we all would have noticed.

According to the Hadiths of the Prophet. Rasullullah PBUH said: "One sign of the last day (of Judgement), when this comes the sun rises on the western .... In this period, the reptile was dead." hadith narrated by Muslim. According to Sharia Muhammadiyah, "The rising sun next to the West will apply only once at the time and when they do, the sun continues to be in the west. And the sun will again rise in the east and so forth on the following day so that God willed it and set one up."

This is what will force on the planet MARS. Moving from east westward - stop - move westward within a short period - and then moves the original to the east-west direction.

From Abu Hurairah ra said, Rasullullah SAW had said: "This does not apply and the arrival of the ruination of the world (Armageddon), so the rising of the sun from the west. When this time arrives, all the creatures in the world will soon realize and believe in the power of God. But at this time, all in vain. No one opened the door of repentance. Surely, in this period, the Lost are to them. " Hadith al-Bukhari, Muslim.

The main intention is to wish my colleagues called for all: every planet in the world will experience the same phenomenon. This year, Mars will be applicable on the western sunrise. We do not know, maybe other planets have also experienced this phenomenon, and perhaps only of the earth just yet, we do not know, only God knows.

Indeed it is very true Compassionate and Merciful God, He has also signaled the beginning, although through his servants who do not practice Islam. But for us who already believe this, while not too late realized. Because if applicable, repentance was not accepted. This world is only temporary. ask forgiveness to god from all the sins that we do. Celebrate the praises, although only at the time that remains vacant because of the remembrance that our sin.

This is an article from a friend, ane Act antum who know better to give an opinion.

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