Thursday, June 3, 2010

Barrier Road God

By: Eris Ristemina

''Those who disbelieve spend their wealth to hinder the path of Allah. They will spend their treasure, then became penitence for them, and they will be defeated. In Jahanamlah infidels were collected. That Allah may separate the bad from the good and the bad faction made partly on top of another. Then all of them are stacked and inserted into Hell. They are the ones to lose.''(Sura Al-Anfal: 36-37)

Muhammad ibn Ishaq al-Zuhri through a said,''After the unbelievers of Quraysh lost the battle of Badr, they go home and continue to design to attack the Muslims again. They met with Abu Sufyan who had managed to escape and the treasure wares from Muslim armies attack. They then told Abu Sufyan that many of those who have lost children, fathers, and brothers, in the battle of Badr. They said on the wealthy and the merchants of Quraysh that, 'Verily Muhammad has been ganjilkan us. So please help us with your property, maybe this time we will be able to atone for defeat '. Then they handed over their possessions to their destination .... ''

From this incident down to the above verse Allah. The Word of God is supposed to be enough for Muslims to always be aware of the hostility and treason infidels. What do the people of Quraysh postwar Badr is the description of the eternal enmity of the infidels.

Therefore, Muslims must not be fooled by slogans propagated humanitarian America and its allies. Allah SWT has signaled clearly that the enemies of Islam for Muslims to spend their wealth, namely to prevent them from Allah's way by any means, including combat and killed him.

We can see, from 75 billion dollars in U.S. funds budgeted for this war, only 3 percent of which was allocated to humanitarian aid for Iraqis. Meanwhile, more than 70 percent for military purposes.

This means that the U.S. budget for only four dollars for every Iraqi civilians per month as humanitarian aid. At the same time the U.S. budget of more than 2000 dollars to bomb the Iraqi people. They also plan to rebuild Iraq with funds taken from Iraqi oil alone, not from America.

What are they doing on the outside of the meaning is clear even from the eyes of humanity even Saddam Hussein who was branded the U.S. as a threat to humanity. That's the unbelievers plotted against the Muslims.

Source: Republika Online.


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