Thursday, June 3, 2010

Implementing Speech

By: Hilmi Yunan Hidayah

Some of the slaves came to Hasan al-Basri to denounce the practice of slavery that made them suffer. They asked that Hasan al-Basri provide advice and appealed to rich people in order to liberate the slaves. That way, they get freedom. Hasan Al-Basri also promised to fulfill their requests.

On the first Friday sermon after that, Hasan Al-Basri berkhutbah not about slavery. The second and third Friday passed without mention of this theme in the sermon, as he had promised to them. On Friday the four, only then, Hasan al-Basri in a sermon talking about the reward of manumission of slaves. Not until the evening came, most slaves were freed.

Not long later, the slaves visit to say thank you for the sermon. However, they questioned the delay he convey this theme until the whole month. Hasan al-Basri to apologize for the delay saying, "What makes me postpone this discussion is because I did not own slaves and did not have the money. I waited until God gave the treasure to me, so I can buy a slave. Then the slave set free. Then did I speak in a sermon, called on people to liberate slaves. God bless my words because no words that justify my actions. "

"O ye who believe, why you said something you did? It is most hateful in the sight of Allah that ye say what ye do not." (Surat al-SAF: 2-3).

Attitude is very rare to find today. Many leaders and officials of clever talk, but can not realize what it expresses. Only the nonsense and unproven promises. Eventually people will suffer in a long wait is not interminable.

So also to the scholars, should provide a good example. Do not just clever berkhutbah, saying there are examples of the various propositions without action from him. Therefore, do not be surprised if the sermon is delivered as if no imprint at all in the hearts of the listeners. It is sufficient for us to take the people of the previous lesson, "Why do you get someone else good, while you forget yourself, when you read the Scripture? So do not you think?" (Surat al-Baqara: 44).

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