Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cessation of Hostilities

By: Fahmi AP Pane

There is no cessation of hostilities of the best examples in human history, but peace between Aus and Banu performed Khazraj Prophet. So successful up to be able to bring together the people who kill each other before, so let alone a battle, a fight was never again until now.

Without imitating the Apostle, the effort to stop hostilities in Aceh, or the conflict between the Kurds, Turks, and Arabs, or between ethnic Pushtuns with Tajiks, and others, will fail and potentially war happen again, as long as there are provocateurs the infidels and hypocrites.

Before the Prophet emigrated, Banu Aus and Khazraj has fought for decades, even on Bu'ats War (five years before the Hijrah), all the leaders of both sides were killed (Bukhari history). At that critical time, the Apostle chance meeting with six people Khazraj and Aus.

Apostle invites them believe and defend preaching with power. They readily agreed because I wanted once there is peace and unifying the community needs. Moreover, Jews have been threatening to attack them. (History of Ibn Hisham).

A year later, the Apostle sent Mush'ab bin Umair to develop the personality of individuals Yathrib, shaping the climate of brotherhood, and loyalty only to Islam, no longer to tribal or kekabilahan fanaticism, and strengthens the spirit and the courage to defend the religion with the life and property.

Not only nurture the mind and feelings, Mush'ab also told them to always pray in congregation, say hello to each other and pray for good if met, helping fellow Muslims, and obey every command Apostles.

The result, when the Apostles fled their always ready to defend Islam and help the Muhajirin with their wealth, shelter, and economic access, as had previously been trained berukhuwah Islamiyah's former nemesis.

As humans, they also occasionally tempted argue, such as an infidel, Syas bin Qais, evokes the memory Bu'ats War. However, when Allah SWT with a letter criticizing Ali Imran verse 98-103 so wary of provoking the infidels and the obligations of religion are united in God, they repent.

Tiff could have because a citizen Khazraj, namely Abdullah bin Ubay hypocritical character, defamatory Apostle wife, Aisha, has been unfaithful (narrated by Muslim).

Alhamdulillah, after the peace for any misunderstanding this, never no more hostile to their children and grandchildren to this day. This is truly a valuable lesson that should be emulated by Muslims who able to get the glory. United in Islam, not the other isms.

Source: Republika Online


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