Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Building a Life Boat

By: H Shobahussurur MA

Have you not noticed that the ship actually sailed on the sea with the bounty of Allah, so his show thee some of the signs (of) Him. Verily in this is truly there are signs for those who were very patient again most grateful. (Luqman: 31).

In the above verse, Allah shows one of his power in the form of a sailing ship at sea. The ship can sail across the oceans thanks to favors from God. God gave the example of the ship as a sign of his power for us make us a lesson for life.
Parables of a ship that can be understood. Are not our lives just like driving a boat that was floating across the oceans of life?

Before being used across the ocean, vessels should be well prepared. For example, is made with high-quality ingredients, namely in the form of good works (an act which is not just good, but good deeds in accordance with the rules of religion). We try to choose the act which is not only good for ourselves, but good for the interests of others.

The ship also had to be built by the experts. When the ship made by anyone, certainly in the not-long ship will be destroyed and endangering our lives. Prophet never gave orders, if a matter was handed over to someone who is not an expert, then just wait when its demise.

Subsequently, the vessel was to be executed by a person who understands how to control the boat, know where the ship, to understand the ins and outs of the ocean which passed, and master the science associated with shipping.

Similarly, we build the ship of life, must be run by good people. Ship life is going to take us to the eternal life and eternal, may not be submitted to a leader who is ignorant, selfish, and tyrannical. We must choose leaders who are fair, have extensive knowledge and insight, vision and mission is clear, honest, and the prioritization of the interests of boat dwellers.

As it navigates the ocean, the passengers on the ship has not always been in a state of calm. Not infrequently the waves roll-gemulung attack, the storm hit, and facing a sharp reef. In conditions like these that leaders must be able to calm the passengers and ensure their safety. In the context of religion, rescue passengers, among others, by calling people back to God, and trying to draw closer to Him in close.

Not just in cramped conditions, in the spaciousness even leaders must also continue to remind people. It has been a tendency, when the property has been achieved, intelligence has been mastered, positions and power has been obtained, and all the delicious feel, often we forget God, our worship is abandoned. We forgot to be grateful. We forget that this life boat sailing on the ocean of God the Almighty.

Source: Republika Online


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