Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Human reprehensible

By: Yoli Hemdi

''But he tends to indulge in the world and low desires. So, parables like dogs, if you menghalaunya he stuck out his tongue and if you let him stick his tongue as well. So the likeness of those who reject Our Signs.''(Al-A'raf: 176).

Ibn Abbas narrated this paragraph relating to the story of Balaam son of Ba'ura ', a prominent Jewish man with a depth of knowledge of science and glorified because of his religion. Intellectual credibility to make Balaam had the honor of the Prophet Moses was sent by the United States to call on the King of Midian to the path of Allah.

Just after the deal, the king just teasing with wealth and honorable position. Provided of course he must be willing to leave the noble task of calling the religion of unity. Balaam apparently glamorous world of awe. Greedy nature of insane wealth and position made her dark eyes.

Such personally denounced the Qur'an as a human dog mentality. Similarity lies in two things. First, the vision of life is only about mere worldly pleasures. Second, given a warning or not he still choose the path of error.

Protruding tongue that reflects the rapacious nature, and a symbol of servitude itself against lust. Greedy is a psychological condition in which a person constantly feel dissatisfied with what the form of the material. Got a tongue like licking dirt, and always drooling because nothing ever satisfied. Given or not he still feels lacking.

Unfortunately, almost every episode of history that gave birth to people knowledgeable thrives. Like Balaam's character: the personal pawn in order to satisfy lust intellect alone.

That despicable man, the dark eyes of lust slaves, blind hearts, and numbness. They lowered his dignity because lost in a very temporary pleasures of the world. God verses played, engineered, manipulated by first deadly own conscience.

One time Abu Dhar al-Ghifari arrival of envoys from Muslim ibn Abi Hubaib. Governor of Syria was willing to give money to be used as 300 pence, the cost of living. But, Abu Dhar firmly rejected. Zahid scholars said to the messenger,''Put the money back on gubernurmu! Does not he find someone else who is more deserved in the sight of Allah?

We've had enough with shelter, a few sheep for a living, and the servants who give alms to assist the work. Because we are a group who are afraid to accept the excessive wealth.''

Thus he emphasized the ruler of Abu Dhar refused to intervene through the property, solely to maintain their independence as the intellectual scholar. Nature qana'ah been reason enough for him to maintain izzah with simple life. Because, Allah exalt those who have a good intellectual prestige.

Source: Republika Online


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