Thursday, June 3, 2010

Religion cheaters

By: Joni Arisanto

Abu Hurairah ra, as narrated by Muslim and Ahmad, said that the Prophet said: actually the first one to be decided at the last day would be the one who died as martyrs. So, faced with the will of God and reminded him the favors that have been given to him, and it was admitted. Then, asked by God,''So, are deeds in favor of it?''

He replied,''I have fought for Thy until martyrdom.''And God said:''You lie, but you fight to be recognized as a hero who courageously.''Then he was dragged by an angel and ordered to be thrown into hell .

The second one is confronted with God's people who studied and taught religious knowledge, and good at reading the Koran. Then preached about the favors he had earned and he admitted it. Then he asked:''So, are deeds in it?''

He answered and said:''I have learned the science for you, and teach it, and read the Qur'an for thee.''Allah said:''Liar you, but you learn science in order to get a degree wise, read the Koran in order to get a degree Qari, and you've enjoyed in the world.''Then the angel commanded to dump him into hell.

The third person is confronted with a dilated God and given by God's provision of wealth. Then preached to him about the blessings that have been given by God to him, and he admitted it. Then he asked:''So, whether deeds in it?''The man replied:''There is no one way that you ordered donate any property in it, but I have dermakan treasure in it for You.''

God replied:''Liar you, but you donate the treasure to be called a philanthropist, and has been recognized anywhere in the world.''So God then ordered the angels to throw people into hell. Someone came to Allah's Messenger asked:''What would be the savior of the future (on the Day of Resurrection), O Prophet?''

Rasulullah replied:''Do not cheat or playing God.''Ask him again:''What does that mean tricks or deceptive O Messenger of Allah?''Said the Messenger of Allah:''Working on God's commandments and teachings of the Prophet is not aiming to reach his blessing, but to achieve the interests of others.

Therefore, be careful you are to riya, riya means shirk due to God. The man who was showing off at the last day will be called out in public with four names of pagan hai, ye sons, the rebellious, O faithless people, respects the losers, vain deeds for the world and off (missing) was reward .''

Source: Republika Online


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