Thursday, June 3, 2010


By: Mulyana

Developments in the history of Islam is a religion which always stressed the importance of change. These changes not only on behavior and human nature, but also changes the perspective and systems. Change is what the Messenger of Allah and the prophets before instill in his people.

One of the verses that commanded people to make these changes,''Allah does not change the state of a nation so that they change the circumstances that exist on their own. And if God wills evil to a nation, then nothing can resist, and once again there is no protector for them besides Him.''(Sura 13: 11).

At present, the condition of Muslims to be the people that weak position in the constellation of the constellation of the world. In fact, some areas Muslims are still colonized and controlled by foreigners, such as Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan. Similarly, with this nation. We are still confined by the shackles of the multidimensional crisis and chronic disease of corruption, collusion and nepotism (KKN). Therefore, the changes become mandatory and the response to these weaknesses.

The most fundamental changes is that we should make the Qur'an and the sunna Prophet as a guide and reference for various activities, whether in the sphere of family life and society and state. That is, there must be excited to study and implement what is contained in the Qur'an and what is taught through the Sunna of His Messenger.

God commands in His Word,''O ye who believe, go ye into the whole of Islam, and seek not the footsteps of Satan. Satan enemy to you.''(Sura 2: 208). Prophet also explained that if we hold fast to the Qur'an and the sunna Apostle, then surely we will not get lost.

The biggest miracle of the Qur'an as Allah has aqliyah ruhiyyatul properties (meaningful, spiritual). That is, miracles the Qur'an will not be felt if we just saw, especially when just making ornaments. Qur'an miracles will be felt when we read and watch and absorb the meaning they contain and then execute it.

Allah asserted that the Qur'an is very easy to learn. Allah says,''And We have indeed made it easy for the lessons Koran, but is there any who take lessons?''(Sura 54: 17). The verse confirms that there is no reason for us not to start studying and try to absorb the meaning and execute it.

The second amendment is to promote togetherness and brotherhood. Empirical experience shows the struggle of the Prophet and the Companions with the success of Islamic unity and persaudaraanlah achieve. Therefore, to rise from the crash, then all Muslims must unite and improve the fraternity, namely improving ties.

May God always gives encouragement to us to be always changing for the better. And, may God give you instructions and hidayahnya to ease the way to change this order resurrection people. Bishawab Allaah knows best.

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