Thursday, June 3, 2010

Personal Gorgeous

By: congregation Nawawi

Be ye like a tree''; humans and stone, while he pelted them with fruit,''said Hasan al-Banna.

Message founder of the Muslim Brotherhood was actually directed to the dai to legowo in the face of painful actions of ignorant people, namely by not repay evil with evil alike, while charitable chest, expecting the reward of Allah, and beg forgiveness for those who do not understand it.

However, on the other hand, the speech also contained a suggestion that we are willing to help and make sacrifices for the sake of others, seperih whatever conditions we face. Because, when the current of materialism, selfishness, and individualism has ambushed many facets of life, people become so stingy to instill virtues in others.

Submissive and sacrificing for others become extremely expensive and very rare. Such behavior not only on foreigners, even in people who were known to frequent a similar attitude. Social soul has dimmed.

Mutual cooperation which is the native culture of this nation seemed to have lost its relevance. Instead is excessive penyorongan individual interests, almost occurred in all areas of life.

Thus lifestyle not just a monopoly of people of the city, but also have started to lunge into the villages. Exhausting work routine powerful enough to create human robots, who do not want to spend the time to socialize with others in order to absorb the meaning of togetherness and brotherhood.

In such circumstances, selfish people who bitch spreading everywhere. However, it is difficult to find a captivating personal sacrifice for others with selfless, everyone can reap the benefits and services from it. Therefore, its presence into sweeteners and entertainers.

Absence makes the longing for another person, he always had been waiting, and his departure is always remembered. This is the ideal person who ever mentioned the Prophet,''The best man is the most beneficial for other human beings.''(Al-Jami 'as-Sagir).

If bored and disgusted with people who individualist and not willing to give benefit to others, so in this context that we can understand the urge students to be our leader back. Because, maybe not a lot of benefits that can be felt by the people. Furthermore, we all depend on our shoulders the burden of realizing the charming leader, able to carry out the mandate to grant mercy to nature.

Source: Republika Online


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