Thursday, June 3, 2010

World Parable

By: Roosana Meitawati

In the book Irsyadul 'Ibad, Allaits narrated from Jarir said: "Someone came to the Prophet Isa, and said,' I want to make friends with you and always with you '. They moved both by the river and eat them, they ate three slices of bread.

Prophet Isa one piece, and one piece for that person, and the remaining one-piece. Then Prophet Isa went to the river to drink. When he returned he found no one in its place the remaining bread slices, then ask him: 'Who is taking it one slice of bread? " He answered them: 'Do not know'. Then the Prophet Jesus and walk back to the U.S. silence about them.

Suddenly they saw a deer with her two children, then summoned by the Prophet Isa and one child were slaughtered deer then baked and eaten together. U.S. Prophet Jesus then tells the child that has been eaten by deer was so alive back then with the permission of Allah, a fawn was alive again. Then Prophet Isa asks:

'By Allah who show evidence of His power to you, who took a slice of bread is that? " He answered them: 'Do not know. " Then they both went on until he came to the riverbank, then the Prophet Isa holding man's hand, and asked her to walk on water until they reached the other side.

Isa Prophet then asked: 'By Allah who show evidence of this, who is taking the bread? " The man replied as before: 'Do not know! " When the journey they have arrived in the woods and as he sat alone, the U.S. took the land of Prophet Jesus, or gravel and then commanded: 'Let there be gold with the permission of Allah'.

Then the soil or gravel had to be gold, then divided into three parts by the Prophet Isa, and he said: 'For my third, and one third for you, and a third person who took bread. " Then the man said: 'It was I who took the bread. " U.S. Prophet Jesus replied: 'Then you shall take it all for you. " Then they parted.

The man was later approached by two men who would rob him. But the man said: 'this treasure our good Labih for three only, how? " The two men who would rob the man agreed, and asked one of them to go food shopping market. The feeling in the hearts of shoppers that: 'For what it is divided three gold, this food is better for both of my poisoned to death. " So given that food racunlah.

But the two people who are just waiting for any food plot to kill the man who went shopping and gold is divided between them. So, when people go shopping for it to come, soon killed by two of his friends, and gold is divided between them.

Because tired, and hungry and they ate the food brought by people who go shopping for those who have been given poison. And not long afterwards, both died. Stay gold in the nearby forests and three dead men. When the Prophet Isa back on the way home and through the forest, and witnessed the incident, so he said to his followers: 'This is the picture of the world, so be careful you all from the effects caused. "

Source: Republika Online


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