Monday, June 7, 2010

Coalition with the Poor

In the early days of the symbols of Islam, Prophet Muhammad tried to seek support from some tribal leaders in Mecca. The terms of our political language now: coalition. His objective is clear, so that the line of Islam, then still new and few people supported, be strong and steady.

On various occasions, he was diligent in lobbying, especially with a magnifying highly respected Quraish. Fun-fun when you're talking about a coalition with them - like Abbas bin Abdul Muttalib, Al-Walid bin Al-Mugheerah, Abu Jahl bin Hisham, and Umaiyah bin Khalaf - to be willing to convert to Islam, suddenly nyelonong a blind man named Abdullah bin Umm Maktum.

He was the son of Khadija Bint Khuwailid uncle, who was none other than the wife of the Prophet. 'Abdullah was apparently less sensitive reading of the situation was serious. ''Messenger of Allah, teach me about Islam and whatever God teaches you,''he said, interrupting.

Not just once or twice interrupting Abdullah is annoyed that the show lobby. Prophet's face changed just twisted sourly. That's when God rebuked Muhammad SAW through the revelation which was then compiled in a letter 'Abasa (He frowned).

''He (Muhammad) frowned and turned away, because it has come to be blind to him. You know, maybe he also wanted to cleanse myself (of sin), or he (want) to get the teaching, then teaching it to benefit him? As for those who feel themselves as self-sufficient (rich), then you serve it. Though there is no (censure) upon you if he does not get cleaned up (believe). And as for those who come to race (for teaching), while he feared his father (God), then you ignore it. Nay, (so). Indeed the teachings of God is a warning.''(Sura 80: 1-11)

In the book Lubabun Nuqul fi Asbabun Nuzul, Al-Imam Jalaluddin As-Suyuti, quoting al-Tirmidhi and Al-Hakim, said that the letter is a sharp rebuke from God to Muhammad.

Since then the attitude of the Prophet against Abdullah changed. And, evidently, Abdullah true. Powerful and wealthy leaders of the Quraish tribe who had been invited by the Prophet coalition''with the hope their son would''fruit-yack come to Islam, even the enemies of Islam. The harsh treatment they decided which then causes the Prophet migrated to Medina.

In many history (chronicle), we know the mission and vision of the prophet at first it worked because the coalition with the weak (Dhuafa): the converts, the common people and poor (not a popular figure), the beggar, and also the slaves - in Aside from a few powerful figures such as Khadija and Abu Bakr.

Prophet was so proud of them until he told me that they (the weak) is actually a source of strength of his leadership. Further reinforces the truth of God in the letter of Saba 'verse 34-35. And Allaah knows best. (EH aquatic mammal)



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