Monday, June 7, 2010

Danger Defamation

Talking about other people and condemn evil called gossip if true, and is called slander if not true. Of course, no human being is free from sin. A wise man said, man is not free from mistakes and forget. That way, it's not perfect human being, he could do err.

Typical human life behind the curtain, that by God - with his policies - used to cover up his actions. If only the veil of Divine was raised to show all our faults and mistakes, undoubtedly everyone would run away with the others with disgust and society will collapse down to the basics. That is why God forbid we discuss the ugliness of others. It means that we are protected from other people talking about us.

With the weakness of human beings and like that, then religion forbids us to each other and tattle, especially, menfitnah. Many verses in the holy Qur'an and Hadith of Prophet Muhammad SAW who loudly denounced all forms of defamation, which is precisely lately more and more widespread in the homeland. Allah is saying,''Surely only invent falsehood who believe not in the Signs of Allah and those are they liars.''(Al-Nahl: 105).

Can not be denied that the impact of the slander not only against those who slandered, but also to the wider community. In our own country are often the unrest and riots caused by the libel and fighting sheep. So great was the danger and sin of slander, up by Islam dikategorikannya as more cruel act of murder. In fact, Prophet Muhammad more mempertegasnya again with his saying,''It will not enter Paradise who squander slander (like the play off).''(Reported by Abu Dawood and At-Thurmudzi).

According to Islam, human behavior and actions in life is one of the phenomena akidahnya. For that we are asked to hold fast to the belief that religion has been defined and outlined. The scholars said, if our good faith, it will be nice and straight also our behavior. And, if our faith is damaged, it will also damage our behavior. Therefore, the creed of monotheism and faith are important and needed by humans to improve their personal and realize their humanity.

This is an invitation to the creed is the first thing the Prophet so that he becomes the first stone in building the Muslim community. This, because the robustness of this belief in the human soul will be lifted from a low materialism and pointed to the good, keluruhan, holiness, and glory.

If this belief has been in power, he will give birth to human virtues such high courage, generosity, benevolence, peace, and sacrifice. People who hold the belief was not going to want to perform acts that lead to defamation. Akidahnya Because with that, he did not want to slip on the brink of religion condemned sinfulness. And Allaah knows best. (Alwi Shahab)



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