Monday, June 7, 2010

World temptation

In the story of Isra 'and Mi `raj, the world is symbolically depicted as older women (elderly). But, despite the elderly, he still wants to appear more attractive. He did not forget to beautify themselves with makeup and accessories are diverse. That's the world that, because of her beauty, very popular man despite his age is very old.

Humans do have a very strong tendency for the world and luxury. Allah is saying,''made beautiful (view) the human love of what is desirable, namely women, children, many of the types of treasures of gold, silver, horses, cattle, and rice fields . This is the pleasure of living in the world and in the sight of Allah the excellent return (Paradise).''(Ali 'Imran: 14).

Words in the paragraph above the world, according to Imam Ghazali, can be understood in the physical and nonphysical.

Physically, the world refers to all objects that exist in nature, whereas the non-physical (spiritual), world refers to the attitudes and actions (A'mal al-qulub) against the world itself as nature greedy, greedy, arrogant, and proud self. For Ghazali, all these qualities in the world called bathini or spiritual meaning.

As a Sufi leader, Ghazali many advises and taushiyah in the world about this. In essence, he was reminded that humans are not tempted by the attractiveness and teperdaya world. The message,''O mankind, you should never lean on the world, because he likes to cheat and deceive. Tricks can sometimes make you fall in love. He continued to primp in front of his fans, so he is like a very beautiful bride beautiful. All eyes on her. Everyone was captivated and miss him. However, do not you forget, how many people actually miss him killed, and people loved it dikhianatinya wholeheartedly.''

In order not to be deceived, according to Ghazali, each Muslim needs to know the nature of the world, including knowing where the bad, which should be shunned, and which may be taken. In this regard, the world is divided into three categories. First, part of the world that is worth enduring in the sense of good and useful for human beings in the hereafter, namely science and charity.

Second, part of the world which is a novelty and has no value at all in the Hereafter, like having fun and dissipate with the pleasures of the world.

Third, part of the world that supports the good afterlife. This section is not the same as the first part, but a supporter and a means for the realization of the first part.

From this section, which is hunted by many people precisely the second part, which is the part that will eventually make human suffering. This, because these parts will only bring two things, namely reckoning (audit and accountability of wealth) and the punishment or penalty. The Prophet said,''while the Treasury's reckoning halalnya illicit a punishment.''So, then, we must select the first and third, that we survived the temptations of the world.



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