Thursday, June 3, 2010

Compassionate People

By: Muhammad Al Khaththath
''Now hath come unto you a messenger of thy people themselves, it seemed to him severe pain, faith and salvation is eager for you, so again loving compassion towards the believers.''(QS At-Taubah: 128).
Prophet is an example of a perfect human being who deserves to be exemplary of all mankind.
One of the guidelines which he examplize character of his leadership is very strong. In the struggle over the 23 years leading the missionary movement in Mecca and as head of state in the city of Medina, he was accompanied by tens of thousands of faithful friends. She was also kesetian millions of Muslims throughout the Arab peninsula.
He did not just sit behind a desk waiting for the report, but plunged into the field so that his people feel the concerns and sufferings. Because most attention to the faithful, until the time of death sakaratul, he mentions,''my people, my people!''
What did the Prophet is an implementation of God's word,''Be patient you together people who call on their Lord morning and early evening with the hope of His good pleasure and your eyes do not turn away from them because they expect jewelry life of this world.''( Surat Al-Kahf: 28).
He got a very heavy burden on to lead the Muslims; lead the movement; teach and build character as well as the civilization, and build the state, social institutions, constitutional law, and defense systems. Even sometimes he leads his own squad of special forces or in war.
Yet, he continued to get personal tasks that heavy. He led the wives who are mostly widows, tahajud obligations, and perform the fasting wishal 'continuous'. In this case the sunna, he makes it but not the obligation, misalnta siwak, because they do not want to burden the people.
In the Hadith Muslim Bukhari Hadith narrated from Malik ibn al-Huwairits who said,''We lived with his 20 night. Messenger is a very loving, soft, smooth, and fun. So he thought we complicate our family. Then he questioned us about our families left behind.
So we mengabarkannya to him. Then He said, 'Go back to your family you guys'.''Of course, if the leaders of today are very fond of and attention to its people, they will not suffer and the crisis will not be protracted. And Allaah knows best!
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