Monday, June 7, 2010

Teaching God's Love

Love is one of the great message of God to say to mankind since the beginning of the creation of His creatures. In one hadith received from Abu Hurairah, Rasulullah SAW said,''When God created His creatures over the Throne, He wrote one sentence in his book, 'Truly love to beat my beloved Muslim anger'.''( ). Or in another version,''Lo precedes love my love my anger.''(Muslim).

In human life, love is often reflected in diverse forms and purposes. There are two forms of love. First, love for God. Second, because human love. Someone who loves others because God and His Messenger, then he'll take the love of it as an effective medium for updating each other and mutually self-introspection, is the extent to which our devotion to God. Love this model will result in sincere obedience and submission total, that what he is doing is simply because proving his love for Allah and His Messenger.

Someone who loves others because of humans, will cause a lot of serious problems. Brief nature of love, because love this model usually appears because the encouragement and material desires. Two things that often make people lax in worldly pleasures.

Rabi'a al-Adawiyah, a prominent Sufi leader, had once run around the street while carrying a bucket of water and fire. When asked by someone about what he was doing, Rabi'a firmly replied that he was bringing water to flush the fires of hell, and brought the fire to burn paradise. Rabi'a give a reason, that just because the intention of worship to gain heaven and avoid hell fire is, most people forget the ultimate purpose of worship. In fact, worship is not the aim to obtain heaven or avoid hell. Worship is a form of sincere love to God alone.

Association must also live based on love. With it, life will go harmonious and lasting. Allah taught Love is love that leads to eternity, because God alone is the substance of the eternal and never damaged. So, eternity, harmony, and prosperity of mankind will be achieved if the love that exist in human self directed solely because of Allah. Allah reminds man himself, that He will never putting his anger. Spread God's love in the universe that is the evidence that the harmony that really happened.

Someone who does not love that Allah taught the model will not work get the love of God. In one of the tradition, the Prophet SAW said,''Whoever does not love the man, then he would not be God's love.''(Reported by al-Bukhari). Model the love of God taught was the highest love, because they besides resulting in eternal bliss in the hereafter, for the life of the world's impact would be felt. And Allaah knows best.



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