Thursday, June 3, 2010

Recognition of the Jewish People

By: Kamal Bahron

Prophet had sent Abdullah Ibn Rawahah to Khaibar - Jewish area - to assess the results of the palm plantation there. He has previously been decided that the agricultural produce of Khaybar were divided in two: half untuh Jews, half of it for Muslims. Half of that is what the Apostle wants to Abdullah estimate and take it as a right for Muslims.

When Abdullah Ibn Rawahah task, number of Jews came to him while carrying a variety of jewelry that they intentionally collect. They persuaded Abdullah, he said,''This Jewelry we provide to you, ringankanlah us and give us a part of more than half.''Top persuasion that, Abdullah firmly replied,''O Jews, for the sake of God, in front of you really considered the most hated creatures of God.

Not at all-time I'll take what you're handed, so I relieve you of the obligation, because what you are offering is actually a form of bribery that is unlawful. We, Muslims, do not eat the forbidden treasure.''Abdullah when he heard the answer, in unison they said,''Because that is the heavens and the earth remain upright.''

The story is narrated by Imam Malik, this is a fragment of history that reveals some of the character of the Jews. Actually, they are not people who do not know the truth. Nor about the urgency of blind enforcement of laws and regulations. They deliberately dumped. They were even more enthusiastic about doing something that brings real benefits. They do not care that it be taken to achieve it by way of breaking the law.

On the other hand, they fully admit that holding on to truth and consistent attitude in law enforcement and away from things that are forbidden in the relationship between the fellow is to ensure the realization of the welfare of mankind. Expression to Abdullah - after learning that his persistence - is a universal moral value.

Upholding the heavens and the earth is a metaphor that can be interpreted maintaining the life of the various crises that brought sorrow and triumphant. That would only happen when the people who entrusted manage public affairs (the ruler and its officials) that run amanahnya.

Conversely, when the regulations are not implemented properly, the heavens and the earth will collapse. When that happened to a country, popping up in chaos everywhere. Welfare will be away.

How the Jews actually admit something happened empirically in human life. Indeed it is a recognition of the truth of Islamic teachings.

Source: Republika Online


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