Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Do not Let Opportunity Lost

By : Makmun Nawawi

Sirwa'ah Abu Al-Harith bin 'Uqbah RA spoke,''I Asar prayer behind the Prophet in Medina. After the greeting, he immediately got up and stepped over the line of the friends to go to one of his wives. The friends were stunned over his haste that.

Then, the Prophet went back out to meet them, and when they were surprised to see the haste, the Prophet said, 'I remember a piece of gold held by us, and I do not want to arrest him, so I had to give away the gold. ''In the history of the others mentioned,''I left a piece of gold for the wherewithal at home, and I do not want to cut the gold stayed at my house.''(Bukhari).

In addition to load the message that we should break away from all worldly busyness picayune while the worshipers, the hadith mentioned above also gives a lesson to us in order to compete for the better. Fastabiqul-Khairat, as in the word of God in two verses of the Koran (Sura 2: 148 and Sura 5: 48).

Through these hadith, the Prophet has also given us a concrete example for the intelligent use of existing opportunities in order to perform a variety of pious charity, which amount was not spelled out. A Muslim scientist who worried his heart because he saw the defeat of the Muslims after the defeat by the powers that kufar were moved to create military technologies that could provide lessons landslide victory against the enemy, then no doubt that it is a pious charity.

Even when the kufar barbarities toward Muslims increasingly become-and so, as happened recently, this kind of pious charity it must be scheduled, as well as realized in the global level, the World of Islam (see Sura 8: 60).

Believe me, our job to build the pillars of strength of the people was very heavy, which may not be comparable with the allotted time available to us. While American and Israeli duo, backed by other allies, the more harmonious.

They suppress all the Islamic forces in various parts of the world to streamline its ambitions, to establish Greater Israel stretching from the Euphrates to the Nile. We're only a step, perhaps they've kicked hundreds of steps.

Therefore, the opportunity to perform pious deeds that we never let it disappear. The Prophet said,''If doomsday comes, whereas at a sprig of hands clasped palm tree seeds, plant!''(Reported by Imaam Ahmad).

Source: Republika Online


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