Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Islamic Religious Valentines

By : Sari Narulita

At one time, an Arab man saw the Prophet Muhammad was kissing one of his grandchildren. The man was surprised with admiration. He then asked,''Are you kissing young grandson, O Messenger of Allah? Actually I have 10 grandchildren, but I never even kissed them.''

On the other tales are told, at one time an Ansar Allah through the garden. He saw a camel who are tired of being shed tears. Then, he came up and held it until the camel was silent. Then the Prophet asked who the owner of the camel, which apparently belonged to a young man Ansar.

Prophet also said,''Do not you fear God for animals that have been amanatkan unto God. Verily thou hast made him very hungry and very tired.''He was ashamed and change his attitude to all his camel.

At other times, the Prophet is discussing with the friends about the nature of Rahmah. He ordered his companions in order to always maintain these properties in themselves and explain the importance of this trait in Islam. Some friends said,''For us, we love our wives, our children, our family also.''

Messenger apparently not satisfied with his explanation of his companions. Their explanation was Rahmah in nature implies a very small scope, but he wanted it more universal nature Rahmah, a broader meaning. Therefore, he also declared,''That's not what I want. I really want is Rahmah for the entire universe.''

Rahmah or love potion is the nature of which is owned by Allah and His servants. When we see it as one of God's nature, it has a meaning as the Giver of fortunes and Goodness, and if we see as one of human nature, then it means gentle to others.

One simple nature has proved to be extremely important role in Islam. Consider God has menyifati himself with the nature of rahman and uterus. Then, at each beginning letter of the Qur'an we find the reading material with which Bismillahi-rahmanirrahim, hopefully we will always remember and read about it in every initial step and we will do the job. All this proves that Islam is a religion that strongly emphasize compassion, not a religion of violence.

A good Muslim is always to maintain this trait and can pass it on to others. Thus, it creates what is called 'Islam as Rahmah for the whole of nature'

Source: Republika Online


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