Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mental Health in Body Health

By : Andar Nubowo

One day came a disbeliever of Allah. He said,''O Muhammad, if you really God's messenger I resist in the wrestling match. If you managed to beat me, then I will trust and embrace the religion of Islam?''

The Prophet had passed the challenge. In short, then both grapple. The infidel and the Prophet Mohammad were both exerting all his physical strength to win the wrestling match that. With the help of Allah, the Prophet came out as champions, and the infidels to embrace Islam and then kept his promise.

Spoken also that in a fierce battle between the Muslims and pagan idolaters, Ali ibn Abi Talib involved in physical fights using a sword with one of the infidels. Clink of swords clashing sound, density of the body of Ali and the infidel coloring fierce battle was joined. Finally Ali won that battle, although he did not even kill them.

Two stories above teaches us how physical strength is a tool of propaganda. Prophet Muhammad's impossible to conquer his opponents in the wrestling match, when the Prophet was never maintain his physical fitness and, of course, in addition to the relief and the power of Allah SWT.

In one famous story, the Prophet once said that God is faithful who prefer stronger than the weak. So in his life, physical sport that became his hobby is archery and horse riding. It's the same with Ali. Besides being a pious Companions of the Prophet, intelligent, and tawadhu, Ali also very skilled in sword play.

Attention to physical fitness and strength is a demand for us. With a body fit and strong and healthy, preaching that we do will be easy. Jihad that we do will reap victory. Tunaikan worship which we will become smoother and increased deep. Imagine if our body is weak, sluggish, and sick, can we pray fervently, pilgrimage without resistance, jihad reap victory?

Demands attention to physical fitness does not necessarily encourage us to participate in gymnastics, aerobic gymnastics, poco-poco, swimming and other sporting types whose implementation may ignore the principles of Shari'a.

Therefore, the balance sheet assets of a believer is not the only strength lies in the mere physical ability, but also on the strength 'in' and probity of dirt worldly as opposed to the Shari'a. Many more healthy way to get healthy physically as well as the inner eye a clean, more powerful. And hopefully, will be born as strong believers and seteguh Prophet Muhammad, Ali, and his other companions.

Source: Republika Online


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