Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Educating by example

By: Mulyana

If a child is more reprehensible, he will get used to blame.
If a child is much to be pitied, he'll get used to bemoan his fate.
If a child is completely understandable, she'll get used to a patient.
If a child is given little encouragement, he will get used to appreciate.
If children are treated with honesty, he will get used to seeing the truth.

Low expression of Dorothy Nolte caesura in Children Learn What They Live With the above described to us that the child will grow as the environment to teach. If a child grows in an environment that taught him to do good so God willing, he'll get used to always do good. Conversely, if a child grows in an environment that taught him to do the crime, violence and he will grow up to be perpetrators of violence and new crimes.

Children are most happy creature to imitate. His parents and his idol is the figure. When they see the good habit of the father or mother, then they will fast example. Parents who behave badly will emulate the behavior by children. Even children most easily follow the words that come out of our mouths.

Therefore our responsibility as parents to provide the best environment for growth of our children. One was to provide a good example for our children. Because the most beautiful memories for our children is the personality of her mother and father truly noble.

Messenger was sometimes gives advice directly to the children. Messenger of Allah said, "Son, keep all the commandments of Allah, Allah will care for you. Periharalah all the commandments of God, thou shalt find Him in front of you. If you ask something, ask it to God, and when asking for help, ask God. And know , if all people agree to do something useful for you, then all the benefits that specify that only Allah, and if they will do evil to you, then the crime will not happen unless that has been established by God as well. Qalam and dry, lift the pen. " (Reported by At-Turmuzi)

In the context of the social reality of this nation, millions of children grow and flourish in an environment that is not fair. They grew up under the bridge. They live on every street intersection. They hang out in environments that taught him the weak will be strong oppressed and controlled. In fact, some of them still living in refugee camps there.

That condition is a social problem that must be addressed immediately. Therefore willingness by the government, the political elite, or an NGO becomes a necessity in solving this problem. We can imagine what will become of this nation when the next generation is a generation that grew from an environment that is less fair.

Source: Republika Online


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