Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Violence conquer

By: Fahmi AP Pane

Islamic government like the sea of endless wisdom. One of the evidence, when the Commander of the Faithful, Umar ibn Khattab, was advised by the sharp words by a grandma. At that time, Umar was even stopped in the middle of the road.

After say hello to each other, the grandmother said,''O Umar, you were once called the Market Umair Ukkaz when wrestling with another boy. Soon, you were called Omar, and now so Amir Al Faithful (leader of believers). So, keep your duty to lead.''

Hear it, guards Omar, Jarud al Abdi, offended. Perhaps, he felt reminded of the past efforts of a head of state to a dark and violent is an insult.

Instead, Umar was not angry. Heads of state only took a few sentences to assuage the anger and violence apparatus. ''Let him Jarud. Knowest thou not who he is? He is Khaulah bint Hakim who hear God's word. Therefore, Umar shall hear more.''

Khaulah're a star in Al-Mujadila letter after her husband had his zhihar (stating similar wife's mother). His saying,''Allah had heard the words of the woman who filed a lawsuit against you (Muhammad SAW) concerning her husband.''(Sura 58: 1).

Anyway, great power of the head of state. He's capable of forbidding the apparatus only with verbal commands. Because, in power means protecting people and will account for the afterlife. Power to help the weak and oppressed in order to no longer be persecuted. Significant power to prevent a strong tearing the soul, honor, and possessions of the weak. Overall, bringing His reward and pleasure.

The government is just the first group who received protection in the Day of Resurrection when there is no protection except from him (Bukhari). Moreover, in the period of Islam, relations with public authorities is the relationship of brotherhood and affection, like a father with his son, like a shepherd with gembalaannya. Rulers happy even criticized because it can prevent sin.

If not done prevention and cessation of violence by anyone, especially by state officials, the biggest responsibility is on the largest power-holders. If the injustice that befall animals away from the capital and the authorities did not know it would be questioned by Allah in the hereafter, especially if the injustice that happened to many people and has known many rulers and the people.

Did not Omar said he was afraid that if a goat at the River Furat, Iraq, famine? Imam Sufyan ATS-Tsauri asserted,''As Pharaoh destroyed Haman (the minister of Pharaoh), Haman was the cause of binasanya Pharaoh.''

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