Monday, June 7, 2010

Why It must There's Exam?

School. Exam. Grade.
Lecture. Exam. Up levels.
Living. Exam. Removal of sin. Increasing degrees.

"Do men think that they are allowed to just say 'We believe', they will not be tested?" (QS Al Ankabuut: 2)

Exam. Sometimes it comes
like a sledgehammer to hit. Sometimes the form incorporate load on our shoulders. Sometimes it also seemed to suppress atrocities. Dark world. Dim light flickering.

Kala exam came, it was not able to bear it themselves. Looked behind to the surrounding. Look, there are other people who were tested by Him. And he was tough. In fact, Masha'Allah, it seems the exam so heavy. Looking to the exam itself was just like dust.

Ah, God is omniscient. Given trial, will also power. All appropriate capacity. Looked behind. Every soul gets exam. And every soul has provided an answer. Only, have to dig and search for answers from Him.

School, if school is not without examination. So was alive, an eternal school.

Exam, a hope. Loss of or increase in the degree of sin in his eyes.

Hakeem bin Zain



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